[Paradoxically, the purposeless characteristic of wu-wei is purposeful; its purpose is not to let purpose get in the way of the goal to be attained.  An exchange between Zen practioner Eugen Herrigel and his archery master illustrates how a goal can be reached by giving up the attempt to reach it: 

"The right art," cried the Master,  "is purposeless, aimless! The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot the arrow for the sake of hitting the goal, the less you succeed.... What stands in your way is that you have much too willfull will. You think that what you do not do yourself does not happen."... "What must I do, then?" I asked thoughtfully.  "You must learn to wait properly."   "And how does one learn that?"  "By letting go of yourself, leaving yourself and everybody yours behind you so decisevely that nothing more is left of you but a purposeless tension."]

                                                                                                                      'Tao of Photography: Seeeing Beyond Seeing"  by Philippe L. Gross and S. I. Shapiro 

Levon Mardikyan was born in Istanbul to Armenian parents and has lived in Los Angeles since 1981.  Some of his ethnographic photographs Inna Suid, “The Long Chicha”: Photographs from Girls Coming of Age, Community Feast and Drinking Bout Among the Kuna of San Blas, Panama were shown in the Field Museum of Natural History,  Chicago and the Doheny Memorial Library of University of Southern California in 1999. He is into environmental portraiture and stylized tabletop photography nowadays.

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